TOP 5: Matcha Lattes in New York

TOP 5 Matcha Lattes in NYC

It’s morning lattes that get true New Yorkers into work every morning.  Matcha latte is already a staple in lots of coffee shops but if you want to try something else other than Starbucks, here is our carefully curated list of TOP 5 in NYC.

For anyone who doesn’t know that much about it, Matcha is a powdered form of steamed and dried green tea leaves that tastes like a grassier, creamier and brighter version of the regular green tea. Matcha is one of the biggest drink phenomena of the decade.  The tea is famous for its numerous health benefits one of which is it’s high caffeine potency.

With matcha lattes you have all the creamy goodness of your regular latte, the distinct grassy but sweet taste of matcha, a caffeine wake-up and a load of added benefits for your body.

It’s not so easy to master the perfect matcha latte – it is not too bitter, not too sweet and has the distinct matcha flavour rather than resembling hot, green, sugary milk. A lot of places still struggle to get the hang of it but these are the 5 places in New York that really stand out.

1. Best overall Matcha Au Lait: Matcha Cafe Wabi

Top 5 Best Matcha Lattes in NY

Matcha Cafe Wabi is a lovely small authentic Japanese owned matcha café located in East Village. It is a tucked small place painted in green, in case you can’t find it. Everything sold in there has a shade of green – from their large variety of matcha beverages (vegan options available) to the small snacks you can buy on the counter. Matcha latte here is top notch.

2. Best Unsweetened Matcha Latte: Matcha Bar

Top 5 Matcha Lattes in NY

With two locations, original in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan, Matcha Bar is another matcha specialized place that has just about matcha everything. Their most popular choice is the matcha latte with almond drink – yay for lactose intolerant people! What we really like is that their lattes aren’t too sweet, not the place for you if you have got a sweet tooth.


3. Best Unconventional Matcha Latte: Bibble & Sip

Top 5 Matcha Latte in NY

The first thing that you see when you get to the counter is an array and simple but yet diverse selection of small desserts, not all of them matcha. Their matcha cream puff is great – crispy outside, soft and creamy inside. And their jasmine matcha latte is classic here and our personal favourite latte unconventional.


4. Best for Instagram photos: Cha Cha Matcha

Top 5 Matcha Lattes in NY

This is an awesome Instagram moment place. Lots of pink and green, print on the walls, cute Hawaiian theme and vibe.  Very fun to take photos, catch up with friends or do work.  It also has a cute little Hawaiian lounge area in the back. Their coconut matcha latte is refreshing and not overly sweet.

5.  Best for Latte Art: Chalait

Top 5 Matcha Lattes in NY

Chalait is a cute little spot located in Chelsea Market. The cafe has a friendly staff and fresh modern decor. Seating is limited but there are two rows of high-top bar seats. Their matcha latte is great and the latte art is lovely!

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